For a reason we offer our tours in the 3 countries Morocco, Portugal and Romania. First of all the weather, the beautiful and varying landscapes and the security are the reasons for these countries.

Morocco: Especially in February, March and in the beginning of April the weather is perfect for driving the motorbike there. The landscape in spring is fascinating and impressing.
Morocco offers everything: lonely streets, great mountain roads, oases, spectacular desert- and seacoast parts,…it´s really an adventure!


Portugal: From the end of April until June it´s the perfect time to travel to Portugal. We make tours along the wild Atlantic coast, but also through the mountains.
It´s perfect for everybody who likes wild coast parts, the Sea and eucalyptus forests.

Romania: The weather in Romania in July, August and September is perfect to make a motorbike-trip. For a reason Romania is one of the most attractive countries for motorbiking.
This was the country we have perambulated most of all – it´s not only the feeling of adventure, it´s also you think time ist relegated 50 years.
(Donkey carts, unpaved village roads, old ruins of castles,…). In Romania there are unspoiled forests, mountain roads, rivers and lakes.