For us the following reasons are very important for travelling by motorbike:

– there should be no stress at the arrival (arrival by plane)
– there should be no loss of time at the arrival (+ only few formalities)
– a great motorbike at the destination (a brandnew BWM G 310 GS)
– course sections, which are comfortable for normal, adventurous and open biker (80 % asphalt, 20 % offroad)
– optimal level of safety: brandnew motorbikes and useful routes shall minimize the risk best possible
– in the evening it should be possible/you should be able to have a relaxed dinner – you shouldn´t be played out
– different to competing firms we don´t have a resting day (we thing it´s better to have a makeable trip every day instead of having a resting day)
– the journey shall convey the feeling of freedom and adventure (that´s the reason why we travel light)
– if there is a group with 5-6 drivers, there would be the possibility to make an individual travel route/deviation from the voyage